Monday, September 22, 2008

A Moment of Vintage Splendor!
The other day I happened to be in Montclair, NJ, the place i lived in as a toddler til around the age of 4 years old, I remember taking strolls to the park with my Grandmother and going to visit the giant bear in the window at a local shop which my Grandfather used to take me to see when I couldn't sleep and if the full moon was out, it would be a double trip, he would say:"Lets go to see the Man in the Moon and Mr. Bear!" I eagerly agreed, complete with my Casper the Friendly Ghost Stuffed Animal and Blanket. Boom within an hour I was sound asleep.

Living in Montclair was wonderful, even when we moved, my mother and I would take the ten minute Drive from Maplewood and either stroll down the artsy Church Street, always paying visit to my fave store at the time: Toys in The Attic, where I would be or my mom would buy me handmade toys, art kits, dolls or Muffy Vanderbear. It was like being in Santa's Workshop all year round. After a long stint Toys in the Attic finally closed a few years ago. When I was there during their final days, the owner remembered my mom and me, Know what, I bought another Muffy Vanderbear, okay maybe 3 of them and what does my mom do, buy me one too. That was a great day.

If we weren't on Church Street, we could be found off Bellevue Ave in Upper Montclair at this delightful Book store and Vida a fabulous vintage style jewelry/accessory store, with a run to the amazing Applegate for Ice Cream Sundaes.

Now that I live close to 40 minutes away, I don't get there as much as I should. Teh whole area has developed even more into a mini NYC, with more stores expanded to side streets, top floors and more. The Starbucks is in the former Haynes Department Store Location, and other old art deco structures house any fab stores, some reminiscent of the 1900s, into the Gilded Age and the 1970's. Lots of Vintage Gift and SUpply STores have sprung up, including the store: Parcel. Several Art buddies I know love going to explore around Montclair and informed me I needed to take a visit to Parcel, located on Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ.

Parcel is a delightful store, although small in size, a typical boutique sized store, you will still be there for over an hour exploring the adorable and whimsical vignettes located on shelves, table tops, every nook and crany of the store. Know matter what decade of vintage you enjoy, a little piece of each is waiting for you inside. From 1900s to the 1980's, everything in between, to modern all in there. It has a Tinsel Trading feel to it, which is quite nice.

Above are these adorable 1960s Party Pins which are housed in a scrumptious box, they looked so sweet, I had to own a few. I bought some for a project, which is yet untitled.

This little wizard boy sits magically on the shelf above the party pins, waiting for someone to buy him so he can spred his magic to you.

On the Paper rack there were tons of wonderful paper sheets, which we all know I love paper, so I purchased several of these sheets for more untitled projects. I buy with ideas in mind for projects which dance around in my head, waiting for their day to surface.

I love glass, my studio has tons of apothecary bottle, glass candy containers, glass cookie jars, cake stands and lids, ornate glass vases, etc, all holding my fave shine brite bulbs, dollie parts, gems, jewels, shells, and more, not to mention my penny candies (sour sugar cherries, sour licorice, rootbeers I get them at Cracker Barrel and they come in parchment bags).
Parcel houses some of their candies, their doll parts and oddities in jars, and ornate glass vases too, which I believe add to the charm.

I bought those delightful party pins, several paper sheets, some vintage postcards, new cards, ephemera, an adorable beyond words Charlotte Doll with frosty pink hair, Tiny Dutch Dollie, party sticks, moon face lip balm, and some other goodies, my mom, bought a Dutch Dollie, postcards, greeting cards, and other goodies. I had a wonderful experience, the two young girls working in the store were very helpful and so sweet.

As an artist, a publisher and designer, I'm always on the hunt to find new and exciting things to inform you all about, to expose secret hideaways which fuel the soul, the creative muse inside us all. I want to find things, places, people, who can bring us to a world of magic and joy so that we may create our own secret place where we can wear a Regal Crown and head to a Fairytale Soiree, dancing the night away!
Have a magical day!


KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh, what a wonderful post, and I have heart of the Parcel before on another blog. I lived in Verona when I worked in Manhattan. I loved it there, and my apartment was high on a hill. I used to go to Montclair all the time and I loved their shops. There was on where they had the most wonderful little things. I still have the linen tussie mussie I bought all those years ago. Thanks for the memories. You look like you had a wonderful time. Karen

faerie enchantment said...

Oh Karen, I always have a special place in my heart for Montclair, it was a carefree time, where being a child was like living in an imaginary world, today I try to re-create that same world!

Hugs Karen!

Magic and Joy!

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

I havent been there yet but will have to make a trip up there to check it out!
any other places I should go while im up that way?

faerie enchantment said...

OH Sandy, the whole area is fun. Church Street is a great shopping section, also if you drive up Valley Street toward Montclair State in Upper Montclair, lots of great shopping there and don't forget Applegate for ice cream!