Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Enchanting Day in New Hope, PA.

During Mid Summer, My mom and I decided to take a drive out to New Hope, Pa, which is about a 40 minute drive from our houses. Its a peaceful drive filled with lots of lovely scenery.

Our day was a beautiful one, sunny, and pleasant, we started off with great parking outside the Landing Restaurant which over looks the river and the bridge into Lambertville, not to mention some resident ducks who stop on by for company, LOL!
or for some freebie food...As the wind whisked on by, we sat and enjoyed or lunch, taking in the beautiful scenery that surrounded us. I especially love how The Landing created an outside European Bistro feel with all the umbrellas. I just love the grouping of pretty umbrellas and parasols, gives a nice warmth and inviting atmosphere.

If the seating area excites you so will the surrounding gardens and the beautiful house which is the main restaurant. Here I am in the Garden around the front of the restaurant.

After lunch we headed over the bridge to Lambertville to explore one of the many antique shops and artsy boutiques. On our walk to one of the stores, I saw this window display and became instantly inspired, I just love the beauty of natural things such as eggs or eggs in vintage style candy jars. Isn't this display great.

Once we explored some of Lambertville, I drove us over to Peddler's Village about a few miles past New Hope, this quaint shopping center is so picturesque, they even have signs up that say: "Perfect Picture Opportunity". When we arrived I stumbles upon this grouping of sweet flowers that looked like they were the entrance to Fairyland, Don't You Agree?

This image above is one that had those picture perfect signs and I have to agree with them, its picture perfect from this angle, looks like a pathway to a storybook shop, speaking of storybook shops, there is the most lovely garden shop called: Village Flower Shoppe is half housed in an old mansion style conservatory, the rest a house front. A few shops down is a wonderful Toy Shoppe called: The Village Toy and Doll Shoppe, which reminded me of my fave toy store: Toys in the Attic which used to be in Montclair, NJ, til is closed there a few years back. I couldn't resist buying some goodies at the toy store including giant sized sparklers, LOL, they are huge, a doll and doll book. This store has an amazing collection of dolls, amazing, they have the most Madame Alexanders I've ever seen in one place, and did I mention everyone there is super nice. There is also a magical spiritual shop called Journeys Spirited Gifts which is so warm and inspiring inside, plus a great paper and card place I bought wonderful piano paper sheets at called: The Paper Chase and a scrapbook store called Creative Inkling which I didn't make it to visit at:

As we walked around, complete with coffee and tea in hand, I found some really magical things and spots. I love to capture the magic I see in the form of photographs, they can help one re-visit their journies or memories they had. For me, its about capturing the magic of the moment and sealing it up to enjoy over and over again, like we do with our jar fairies, or butterfly collections, preserving them for all to see and enjoy.

Speaking of Magic I love the Hobbit syle houses that Peddlers Village has throughout, I want one in my backyard. For this image I added more to it, to resemble a Hobbit House or Colony by using some digital paint shop techiques.
I had been to Lambertville, New Hope and Peddlers Village about a week before with Glenny, he took the day off and the two of us went there and spent the entire day lunch, snack,(love scrumptious sweets from the bakery at peddlers)

dinner, exploring, and meeting new friends, below are some of the snapshots from that visit, which consist of the adorable: Giggleberry Carnival which has an indoor carousel,

games, small rides and other adorable things for kids to do, or for me too, LOL. I must say the Wonderland Characters inside Giggleberry are the cutest, straight out of a Wonderland Book and is located near that gorgeous Village Flower Shoppe, I mentioned before, here are some pictures of the outside and the inside garden, which I think is just so enchanting! Don't you Agree?

This Robin's Egg Blue piece of vintage pottery was gorgeous, as were the surrounding statues and vignettes, like the Rabbit Water Fountain, looks like it could be sitting in Wonderland's Garden.
I took so many pictures the both times I went, just so much to see and do, you never know what you will find the next time you go exploring in New Hope and surrounding locations! I recommend walking shoes and a camera with lots of memory space. Magic and Joy! Lisa!


Dianne said...

Oh Lisa! I love New Hope and Peddler's Village!!! Someday go to the Cock and Bull buffet-it's to die for! Culinary students (pretty sure) make all the yummy food. My son keeps saying he wants to go back soon.
Another place you'd probably enjoy is Mercer Museum in Doylestown-so many artifacts and even big things like covered wagons.
Now I want to go!

Marie Antionette said...

OMG!!! What a wonderous place.It must have been heaven for you.I want to go there.Hugs Marie Antionette

pamelahuntington said...

Hi Lisa,
What an enchanting day you
and your mother had - everything
looks to pretty! Love those

Malphi said...

Lovely blog to scroll through...lovely pics,
Susannah x

faerie enchantment said...

New Hope is wonderful, if anyone is visiting close to the Pa border from NJ, PA, MD or in NYC area, you definately need to make the trip there. You actually need about 2-3days or get there real early and start exploring.

Dianne, I love the Cock and Bull, never ate at their buffet, but attended a murder mystery dinner and had lunch there. The Mercer Museum sounds wonderful, I'm going to check that out! Thanks so much for the info!

Everyone super hugs and magic to you!

Magic and Joy!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

omgosh you are a busy bee I never realized how many blogs you have you are so, lisa

KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh Lisa, My favorite places. When we lived in Lawrenceville, New Jersey I took the girls and my mom to a place called Mother's restaurant, I think that is the new landings. We got engaged at the Inn across the bridg, and married at the Cuttalossa Inn. I loved Peddlers Village and have so many photographs of memories spent visiting there. Your photographs are beautiful and reminded me of lovely memories today. Karen

Lola Enchanted said...

I wish I could go!!!~

hope your enjoying your day!

faerie enchantment said...

Isn't this place gorgeous, so much exploring to be done when you go! I'll upload more pictures soon!

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Awe Lisa, I love the conservatory, That is my dream to have one and make it my studio! Could you just imagine!!!!:) I love how your mother takes part in your dreams and wonderment!! You're very blessed!
~Hugs, Ann-Denise

faerie enchantment said...

Miss Ann-Denise, its my dream too. Okay, let's move within a 1/2 hour of each other, build one massive one, and like Magic we will have a studio! LOL!. Don't you wish it was that easy!
My Mom is the best, she has played both parent roles to me and been a huge supporter of my dreams! I Love Her!

P.S. Love you guys too!