Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Candy Carnival

The Candy Carnival is a fun paper assemblage I made with a character from my illustration "Candy In Wonderland". In addition I used a cupcake cup, vintage cake balloon and clown toppers, paper straws and embellishment wheels! 

This project is a great recycle project that can be created with birthday or party leftovers such as cupcake liners/cups, paper straws, toppers, crepe paper, party bags, party bag fillers and images from the invites and cards. Which makes for a great memory piece from that special day.  You could even use your child's image, your image or a friends.


-Paper straw
-Cupcake liner or cupcake cup
-Cupcake sticks or bamboo grilling stick
-Cupcake/cake clown, balloon toppers
-Paper or party bag scrap (for banner)
-Wood wheel or scrapbook wheel embellishments
-Pink party shredding (filler)
-Illustration, greeting card or invite images.
(I used an image from my own illustration)
-Glues: hot glue sticks, paper glue stick
-Tools: hot glue gun, scissors
-Other: white paper floral wire, scrapbook embellishments


1. Cut image from greeting card or invite, layer onto chipboard or sturdy cardstock and glue using paper glue stick. ( This makes the image more sturdy )
2. Attach a small piece of a cupcake or bamboo stick to the bottom of the cupcake cup using hot glue. 
3. Fill the cupcake cup with pink party shredding using more hot glue. Then cut a paper straw in half and attach to each interior side of the the cupcake cup.
4. Insert a clown cupcake topper into the top of each straw, hot glue in place. Then insert floral wire into the balloon toppers and hot glue. Wrap the balloons in a groups of 3 around the base of the paper straws. (See project photos)
5. Wrap floral wire around the base of the left paper straw and extend the wire to the top of the right paper straw, hot glue in place.
6. Cut small square shapes from papers, party bag or invite left overs. Then cut a small triange shape into each end of the cut square. Make about 6 to 7 of these shapes, use to form the banner.
7. Insert the layered image into the cupcake cup, hot glue.
8. Finally add extra embellishments, lettering, found objects or glitter.

-Use uncooked pasta wheels in place of wood wheels.
-Cut of words from your invites, greeting cards or ephemera and personalize your piece.
-Vintage clown toppers give your piece a more nostalgic look.



Marfi-topia said...

what an adorable project Lisa!!
this looks like it could be fun to make with Helena too!!
Love it.

Laura S Reading said...

I love the colors and the vintage reminiscent faces.