Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Design Team Project by Tanya Watts


Gather everything you can get your hands on! RAID your sewing box, button jar, garden shed, toy box, packaging, lace, old material, twine, Lisa Kettell doll parts!! Tim Holtz metal pieces,...

Canvas, gesso, acrylic paint, string glue, I used Ranger's Glossy Accents, spray bottle with water, perfect pearls, mini misters, distress re- inkers (there are a lot of pearlescent mists out there but I still love to make my own), cheap paintbrush with long soft bristles ( to get into the most impossible places), gilding wax, Tim Holtz distress paint, I used the metallic ones, Distress glitter or glitter of your choice

Start by painting the canvas with gesso, let dry or if you are like me grab your heat gun!
Using gesso, collage papers, lace, material, ... down to make your background, just for a bit of textured interest.
Leave to dry or... Yes! Grab your heat gun! Just be careful not to bubble up the gesso unless you like that look, which I actually do.

Start adhering all your precious finds, make a design that pleases you but don't overthink it! Go with your feeling! Remember to incorporate you Lisa Kettell Design doll parts, they give it that special touch!
Leave to dry! This time keep your hands off that heat gun! I leave it for a few hours or overnight because that way I can't get impatient!

Okay, if you are anything like me, get up at 5:00am to continue! Seriously I did!

Now cover everything with gesso, get into all the little nooks and crannies to get every little piece of surface covered. Now you can reach for your trusty heat gun or leave to dry.
Assure it is really dry, unless you want gesso in your paint ( yes, I got gesso mixed in my black paint, but it actually looked good because it gave it depth)

Paint the whole canvas with acrylic paint of your choice and color, I used Adirondack paint dabber black, but by all means experiment with you favorite color.

You really need to be patient, get into every single spot, turn the canvas around to see it from a different angle, tilt it now and again to find all the white spots that you missed!
Heat gun! Or leave to dry.

Now come the metallic distress paints! Shake well, the mixing ball is in there for a reason! Unscrew the top( dabber and all) there should be paint in the part you screwed off, this is all you need, shake the top to splatter paint onto your canvas, use one or more colours.
Spray with water to let the paints react, move and tilt your canvas for drip page effect. Dry with heat gun. If you see pools of colour you don't like then just dab with paper towel.

Pearlescent spray: put one dropper of Distress Ink re-inker into a mini mister, add perfect pearls, as much or as little as you like, I just use the tip of my scissors as a scoop and I usually add 2 scoops. Fill with water, not all the way up, leave a little space, it will help with the mixing.
Shake it shake it shake it ( like a Polaroid picture!)

Mist onto your canvas as you please and again move and tilt for  drippage effect.
 You probably will grab for your heat gun right now... Your good!
Who has time to let things dry??

Rub some ( dry) perfect pearls onto the raised areas, I used a few different colours, be sparse, you really need a little! I use my finger tips and just use what is in the lid.
Buff up with a cloth or piece of kitchen paper. You can also ad some gilding wax here and there.

Add a small word that pleases you, cover with Glossy Accents.
I glittered part of the moon. Glittered the pearl I put in one of the shells
I added a metal phrase at the bottom.
Et voila!

Love & Peace

Tanya Watts
Hope you enjoyed Tanya's project for the LK Design Team as much as I did. Visit her site for more amazing works.

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