Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adventure in Montclair

Montclair Saturday
I grew up in Essex County, NJ, lived in Montclair when I was real little, onto West Orange for a bit and finally from age 9 years old til 27 years old I called Maplewood, NJ home. If you aren't familiar with these towns, Montclair and Maplewood are very similar, a few towns away from each other, ornate and fabulous architecture/historic homes, great cafes, boutiques and very, very artsy, just so much to see and do in these towns.

Montclair is perfect for exploring, so many nooks and grannies to search and photograph, we all know how much I love photographs, lol, so with that being said, Saturday was a perfect day to break out of the house and explore all the artsy goodness Montclair had to offer, with the warm weather, sun shining and make it a Saturday, I was off to explore.
Montclair SaturdayMontclair SaturdayMontclair Saturday
First was a stroll into the Montclair Bookstore off Bloomfield Ave., which I love, love, love, so many great finds in this store, out of prints, rare, old, vintage and new, you could get lost in there with the different sections and floors inside, its like a Harry Potter bookstore right in modern day settings. Inside is filed from floor to ceiling with tons of books, mags and ephemera, if going allow at least an hour inside, my exploring buddy Dave lost me a few times inside, lol.
Montclair SaturdayMontclair SaturdayMontclair Saturday
Then it was off to explore the rest of the stores, especially on Church Street, which over the years has played home to some of my favorite stores, sadly no longer there such as Cat's Pajamas, Toys in the Attic, British Tea Store and just down the road the funky vintage store: Boomerang, today its filled with equally fantastic stores, including the neighboring streets which have built up with boutiques and cafes as well, the even have an Anthropology store and Urban Outfitters. The starbucks is housed in the former Haynes Dept Store building which I visited often as a little girl, my communion dress came from there.Montclair SaturdayMontclair SaturdayMontclair SaturdayMontclair SaturdayMontclair SaturdayMontclair SaturdayMontclair Saturday
After a few hours of exploring, we were running out of steam, needed to eat, our first pick was Cuban Pete's but the wait would be over an hour, so we ventured out to Mcloone's Boat House overlooking the Turtle Back Res., in West Orange, such a great place, I recommend it for the view, especially Spring through Fall.
Montclair SaturdayMontclair SaturdayMontclair SaturdayMcLoone's Boat HouseMcLoone's Boat HouseMcLoone's Boat House
Next explore trip will be Art day at my former home town in Maplewood, NJ, the best hometown ever, so quaint and historic, also home to the fab store Perch Home.

P.S. All the photos in this post were taken from my Iphone 5 and the filters are Instagram, you can follow me there as well: moonfaires or type Lisa Kettell

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Sherry "Edie" & Marie Antionette said...

Hello Fairy Child,
That Name suits you. I do believe I could live in there forever.It would be my very own Eden...LOL.
Your pics came out gorgeous.Don't ever loose that phone Hon.I wish you were here to take some pictures of my dolls with your phone.
You take care lisa,
and keep being you,
XXOO Marie Antoinette