Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Faux Vintage Tinsel

DIY Faux Vintage Tinsel!

-Non-detergent brillo pad ( cheap dollar store ones work)
-Clear tacky glue or clear glue
-Antique silver color glitter

1. Pull apart pieces of the brillo pad, begin rolling into a snake like shape.
DIY Vintage Tinsel! Part 1DIY Vintage Tinsel! Part 2DIY Vintage Tinsel! Part 3
2. To add more length to the rolled snake like shape, pull more brillo apart and attach to an end of the snake like shape, roll into. The brillo will attach easily to more brillo without the need for glue.
DIY Vintage Tinsel! 4DIY Vintage Tinsel! 5
3. Repeat step two until you use up the whole brillo pad.
DIY Vintage Tinsel! 6DIY Vintage Tinsel! 8
4. Add extra glitz using clear glue and antique silver glitter.

To age your faux vintage tinsel rub tinsel with a brown ink pad, I use mixed media ink pads from clearsnap to age my tinsel. DIY Vintage Tinsel! 2DIY Vintage Tinsel! 3
DIY Vintage Tinsel! 6
-Try soaking your brillo pad in an ink bath, let dry. Use a heat gun to speed up the drying process.
-Wrap your tinsel around a vintage spool to store it.

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