Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome to Grimshaw Alley located in Pixie Isle along the Merwin Sound. Pixie Isle is part of the Pixie Region of Wistica and located 25 miles from land. Since Wistica is south of England, the whole area has many British characteristics.
Pixie Isle is considered a premier seaside destination and famous for the Tri-Sea Pixie Pageant, last years winner was August Platmoore.
Lavender, coral powder and moongrass are indigenous to the island. While Wentmoore Holloway made the area famous with his delicious tea called Holloway's Teasers, with flavors such as: Mervander's Twist, Licorice Sunrise and Lavender Vanilla, and many more, which have now been made into scrumptious taffy and candy confections.
Madeline Merwright is pictured here waiting for Percy Spellbinder to start his summer potions class, held every thursday evening at 8pm. $100 pixiepents gets you 8 classes. This is a must do for any young and curious pixie.


Jennifer said...

Lisa, I just LOVE & am continually amazed by your work and imagination. Absolutely wonderful my sweets!

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Carol Rose Parker said...

I found your site when I visited art-e-zine -- which I do daily, to see if there are any new creations posted. I love your fairies and your blogs, and have mentioned them in my own blog with a link to yours. I would dearly love to buy your latest Fairiezene... but I'm putting off such purchases until the perfect full-time job for me comes in! I try to believe it is in the works for me, but I also have to realistic and not spend what money I have.

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faerie enchantment said...

Hi Carol,
I'll be adding new weblinks to my blogs and websites tommorrow, and I will be sure to add you to my sites. Thank You so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy the fairies!