Saturday, July 07, 2007

When making Image Transfers:
1. Try using lazer copies, go to staples or a copy center and make a color copy of the images you want to use. Then place color side down onto the packaging tape, and smooth the image into it really good.Then soak in water for a minute or two, needs to be really wet. Then start rubbing it off, should work then, let me know if it doesn't.

2. Another great way to transfer images is to take a wood stain pen usually in a neutral color, or a wood blender pen. place lazer color copy down on piece you are transfering to, and saturate with the marker on the back side, until image is transfered, then seal with matte sealer or gel medium.

3. Liquid Sculpty, pour/rub liquid sculpty over lazer color copy, bake, then soak in water and rub off. Try using translucent sculpty for a backdrop!

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