Sunday, March 04, 2007

My New Series: The Wonderland Chronicles!

The Wonderland Chronicles. It is a series of art images which will chronicle the true story of Wonderland through illustration and story. Every art card in this series will come with an unfinished story on distressed parchment paper. To find out the next installment, you have to buy the next card.
After all 25cards have been sold, a zine/book will be created telling the whole story in full, complete with the altered images..
Look for more of my ebay auctions!
Picture are: The Mad Hatter's Society, The Queen of Hearts Academy, Addie and Austin, Clara and Abby. The Mad Hatter's Society and The Queen of Hearts are the two art cards which inspired the new series. These 2 are apart of my Wonderland Magic Series! Addie and Austin is the 1rst card. Clara and Abby is the 2nd card in the Wonderland Chronicles Series.

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Kristen Robinson said...

I am completely enchanted by these absolutely perfect.