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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Its Baseball Season Every Season

Jeweled Baseball Cuffs 13Its doesn't have to be Spring, Summer or Early Fall to be baseball season, its baseball season every season for a true fan or sports connoisseur and with one of my custom baseball cuffs you can keep the season alive and warm even in the chilliest of winter.

The photos through out this post are of the latest baseball cuff creations made for my recent customers. The orange dyed leather baseball cuffs are created for a San Fran Giants Fan, the red pearl lined and used baseball is for a Red Socks Queen , The next two used baseball cuffs are the original style w/a Q for Queen and the last two are the upgraded glam extra bling baseball cuffs aka glam cuff.
Jeweled Baseball Cuffs 8Jeweled Baseball Cuffs 2
This year I unveiled the newest form of the cuffs, using metal inserts which I find make for a better wrist contour and adjustable for every wrist size. A few things to keep in mind when ordering.
1. New/unused baseballs are very starchy white and when unraveled have a sterile look.
2. Game or practice used baseballs give your cuffs more character and hold leather dyes the best when coloring the cuff, the look better w/stitching and rhinestones, plus have a better ridge line for stitching.
3. Grunge and dirty baseballs are the most vintage in look and look very general store-esque which gives it more charm.
Baseball Cuffs, Classic 4 Also remember besides baseball cuffs, I offer football, basketball, tennis, nascar, hockey, soccer, softball and other sports coming soon! visit my artfire store for cyber week savings on the cuffs, save $10 off each cuff, limited time only!


Monday, December 12, 2011

The Pink Baseball Cuff!
Pink Shabby Chic B-Cuff! 3Note: I have one left in stock of the Pink Baseball Cuff!

Who doesn't want to be Queen of her own Baseball Game? Now you can with this baseball cuff created by me!

The cuffs are created from leather baseballs, rhinestones, felt, clasps, sewing, etc.

All cuffs fit standard wrist size, if your wrist is larger, the cuff can be adjusted to fit your wrist specifications.Pink Shabby Chic B-Cuff! 2Pink Shabby Chic B-Cuff!

I have been making these cuffs for years for customers, friends and family. These cuffs are the original, one and only, Lisa Kettell Baseball Cuff aka the B-Cuff.

The B-Cuff's are original to my idea, creation and design, no two are alike and can signify your love for the game.

The cuffs have been featured in Bead Unique Magazine, several print magazines, blogs, etc., and now I am can offer them as a custom bracelet for you!
Pink Shabby Chic B-Cuff! 4Pink Shabby Chic B-Cuff! 5

This is a pink shabby chic baseball cuff for the frou frou baseball fan, made w/hand dyed baseball in a pink color, salt water taffy color insert, clasp, pink rhinestones, lacing and tiny pearl strand.

Most of the baseballs I use are vintage ones from game left overs and lots.
Pink Shabby Chic B-Cuff! 6Pink Shabby Chic B-Cuff! 7
This cuff is now for sale in my Artfire store!
Any questions, please ask,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Baseball Cuff Colors, New Season!
The Original B-Cuff, Baseball Cuffs! 5
I'm working around the clock to bring you a variety of new styles for the new season of the B-Cuff.
I have been getting requests for frilly frou frou B-Cuffs, Pastels w/Rhinestones, Lace inserts, pink pearls, and little league team colors.

I periodically get in color baseballs and vintage/used baseballs, some are hand dyed by me and sometimes new baseballs are used.

Several customers ask for their team colors from The Angels to the Red Socks, The Yankees and The Mets, no team is excluded, even though I am a Yankee's fan, lol, I respect all the teams. I currently am working on the Baseball Cuff Necklace and Baseball stitched Purses. The Necklaces will be up next week and are similar to the cuff bracelet, but more edgy for the neck, some will have a chain clasp and others tie on ribbon, so you can see the variety of styles.
The Original B-Cuff, Baseball Cuffs! 6

The B-Cuffs are available in my etsy, artfire and web stores. If they sell out and you can't find the link contact me about a custom order or how to purchase one.

Attention League moms and Baseball girls, there are group discounts on B-Cuff orders and I offer wholesale to stores, so contact me regarding those requirements and pricing. Each and every cuff is handmade by me from every last detail.
The Original B-Cuff, Baseball Cuffs! 4

These cuffs, their concept and design are a Lisa Kettell original aka LK Designs copyright 2006-2011